Please contact us for fees for service.  We are an in-network provider for Aetna and can bill directly.  For all other insurance companies, payment is expected at time of service (cash, check and all major credit cards accepted). Mothers may want to call their insurance company to discuss coverage of lactation support with possible reimbursement (see below).

1.  Home Visits include

  • Approximately a 1 & ½ hour consultation provided in the privacy of your own home, scheduled at baby’s feeding time.

  • A comprehensive medical & birth history for mother & baby

  • A thorough breastfeeding assessment, including weighing baby before and after a feeding, to get a snapshot of breast milk transfer.

  • A written plan tailored to you and your baby’s needs.

  • If you have Aetna insurance, we are a provider and can bill Aetna directly.  For all other insurance, payment is a fee-for-service, expected at the time of the home visit. Paperwork will be provided to you, which you may then submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  

  • A detailed report will be faxed to your & baby’s primary care providers (typically, your obstetrician/midwife & your baby's pediatrician).

  • Follow-up visit and phone/text/email support, see below.

* Additional travel fee for long distance visits may apply; to be determined before the visit.

2.  Follow-up home visit 

  • As needed for latch-check & baby weight check.

3.  Phone consults

  • No charge for new mothers with a simple question

  • For a more complex question which requires problem solving, a consult should be scheduled 

  • Current home visit clients have unlimited phone/text/email support 

4.  Prenatal Consult

  • Preparing for breastfeeding in the hospital, no matter how baby is delivered

  • Pump instructions and flange fitting

  • Back to work and breastfeeding

5.  Hospital Grade Breast Pump rentals

  • Hospital grade (or multiuser) pumps are stronger, more efficient and designed to initiate a milk supply, wheres personal (or “back to work”) pumps are only designed to maintain a pre-established milk supply.

  • Coordinating pump kits are available, based on supply, and price TBD.

Medela Symphony.jpg

Medela Symphony

  • 1 week $25

  • 2 weeks $40

  • 1 month $75

Medela Lactina.jpg

Medela Lactina

  • 1 week $20

  • 2 weeks $30

  • 1 month $50

Ameda Platinum.jpg

Ameda Platinum

  • 1 week $25

  • 2 weeks $40

  • 1 month $75

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires insurance companies to cover “breastfeeding support, supplies & counseling” without cost-sharing.  This law is being interpreted by insurance companies in many different ways.  Payment is expected at time of service, except for mothers with Aetna insurance.   I am unable to bill directly to all insurance carriers (except Aetna,) however, you may apply for reimbursement with the paperwork you will receive during the home visit.  There is no guarantee you will receive full or even partial reimbursement from your insurance company.  You may wish to have your pediatrician write an order for a lactation consultant before my visit as it may help with insurance reimbursement.  To learn more about the ACA & tips for discussing breastfeeding services coverage with your insurance company, see this link.  

If you are receiving government assistance such as Medicaid or are enrolled in WIC, a sliding scale payment option or payment plan may be arranged. 

The cost of a lactation consultant is minimal compared with the cost of artificial feeding.  For more information about typical charges for LCs, see this post on Best for Babes.