I can’t thank you enough for your help. I surely would have given up if I didn’t have your support and coaching. Breastfeeding was really important to me and something I really wanted to be able to provide for my son. It was emotionally taxing and so confusing - even being married to a doctor - when something that was supposed to be natural and work didn’t at first. I’m so glad that I got help early and immediately to get on the right track.
I am a mom of baby #2 and was having trouble with nursing this time around. I was in pain and was getting very frustrated. Lou was so calm and patient in her approach to helping me and my newborn work through the latch problem. I also had nipple soreness and she gave me fantastic advice to help overcome that! She is an amazing LC whom I’d recommend to all moms having problems nursing or who need any advice on breast feeding!!!
When it comes to the tenderness and intimacy of breastfeeding, nobody is more gentle and professional than Lou Lamb. As a first time mother, I was apprehensive about all aspects of parenthood, but breastfeeding most of all. However, from Lou’s pre-natal breastfeeding lesson to my teary-eyed phone calls, I could always count on her up-to-date guidance, foolproof tips, and genuine passion for helping women nurse.
After giving birth to my first child, I was guided by hospital nurses through my first few days of breastfeeding. Everything looked correct according to all of the books and videos I had seen, and I received the thumbs up from the nurses. Nobody could explain the pain and bleeding I was experiencing, though. Hospital staff encouraged me to turn to formula. I had difficulty processing all of the advice being hurtled at me as I focused on my feelings of failure, ineptitude, physical pain from a complicated delivery, and postpartum depression. Knowing that I was close but not quite ready to give up, a friend recommended Mrs. Lamb to me. My first consultation with her left me feeling relieved, relaxed, and it revived in me the feeling that maybe I could do this after all. Her knowledge base and experience are extensive (the “science” of her work), but Mrs. Lamb is especially unique because of her kind, calming, and empathetic nature (the “art” of her craft). I have consulted Mrs. Lamb at one point or another during each of my three children’s lives because she is superior to any other IBCLC I’ve met. My friends and I have remarked that we wish every new mother could have a “Mrs. Lamb” in her life!
Before having children, I assumed that breastfeeding my future babies would be a simple, straightforward process that would come to me naturally. Little did I know that neither baby nor I really knew what we were doing in those first few moments of her first feeding. Luckily for me, I had Lou by my side right from the start. She helped me understand what a good latch looked and felt like; Bella and I caught on quickly. I was very fortunate to have few problems in the breastfeeding department. My supply was great and Bella grew beautifully. That didn’t mean that Lou was out of the picture. She was there to answer any and every question I had or to cheer me on when I went back to work. Whether I needed help to unclog a duct or I just wanted to show off my freezer full of pumped milk, she was always willing to listen and keep me motivated. I don’t think I could have made it through the year without her guidance and support.
I was so nervous when I had my first child. I was absolutely convinced that I was going to be a terrible mother because I was so scared to breast feed. I talked to Lou so many times as my growing belly emerged about my anxiety that I just knew she thought I was completely insane. Lou calmed every fear every time and always made me feel that I was completely normal and completely capable of nursing my baby. The day finally arrived and Lou’s considerable conversations gave me the much needed courage to try nursing. It was a success right away for my baby and I. The first couple days were a blur but then the problems set in. Lou was there with suggestions and different techniques to help my baby latch. She recognized right away when I had a blocked duct and walked me through to have confidence to not give up. If it hadn’t been for Lou’s amazing guidance, I am sure I would have missed out on a truly wonderful bonding experience with my first child.