What You Need to Know

Home Visit:

1.  Have baby relatively hungry.  In other words, don't do a full breastfeeding right before a visit.  If baby is showing hunger cues, do a "snack" feeding, by nursing for a just few minutes or give 1/3 of an ounce (10 ml) of expressed breast milk if baby is not taking the breast. 

2.  Have a support person there if possible to help with other children or pets.  Dads/partners are welcome & encouraged to be present for the consults.

3.  We would like to work with you in the area of your home where you normally nurse your baby.

4.  If baby is receiving medically indicated supplementation, please have pumped breast milk or formula available.

5.  Do not clean your house or put on a pot of tea... a glass of water would be great.

6.  Payment is expected at time of service, cash, check or credit card.

7.  Relax!  

Phone Calls/Text/Email:

1.  This is a small, home-based business, but we are happy to take calls 7 days a week from 8 am- 8pm.    After hours you may leave a voice mail & you will get a call back the next morning.  At any time, if it is an emergency, call your health care provider or 911.

2.  You may text or email at any time and we will respond as soon as we are able, which may not be until the next business day.  Email is more secure than texting and we are mandated to protect any communications as confidential under HIPAA law.

* As this is a small practice, if we are unable to schedule a home visit with you, we will refer you to another IBCLC in private practice in this area.